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For the first time in Karachi, Advance Electronics offers free home delivery of electronic goods and kits. - Buy Trainer and Programmer package for students at HALF-PRICE - PIC programmer for 600rs only - AVR programmer for 1000rs only - Wireless 8 channel relay control with delay setting for 800rs, only.

Featured Products

Atmel Programmer
Atmel AVR programmer , now available at student freindly price .

See details for the list of microcontrollers .


4 Channel
4 channel remote controlled( or push button) relay switching

1,2,6 and 10 channels are also available . Parallel port controlled switching system is available with GUI.


Atmel Trainer
AVR and PIC trainer boards are avaiable with basic and advance functionalities. All kinds of PICs and AVR are avaiable.



Digital Clock with alarm time set, auto reset and battery backup is available.

Up down conters and frequency conters are available.


DC Motor Controller

H bridge configuration via Keyboard, manual switches, delay and speed control.


Power Supply Unit

Led and other lighting patterns for use in score-board , person count etc.


Zigbe Modules

Wireless networking modules for industrial use.


Thumb Reader

Fingerprint readers for security.

Other security equipments like electronic door locks are also available.